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As I think and ponder my current age.  Being 40 isn’t so bad.  Without noticing, I’ve begun changing my appearance.  Not that it was bad, but it was outdated.  Much like my age.  I’m no longer a 29 year old man, though I swear I can still out-muscle most guys that age.  That’s another story though.

Back to the subject.  Being 40 has opened my eyes to another stage in life.  Accomplishment.  Attitude.  Character.

Those are the 3 elements I now use when choosing the right fashion for myself.  Below, I’ve compiled a short list of celebrities who I believe meet or exceed this new found standard of mine.

suit jordan

Michael Jordan – 6 Time NBA Champ/Hall of Fame/Nike Jumpman Creator/Fashion Icon

Michael Jordan.  Arguably the greatest Basketball Player to ever play the game.  Spokesman for Nikes’ “Air Jordan”, “Jumpman 23”, “Jordan Cologne”, and other style and fashion products;  Jordans’ ability to recognize the play needed on the court parlayed easily into his fashion sense and style. 

suit depp

Down on 21 Jumpstreet.  The show that “jumpstarted” his acting career.  Johnny Depp has made an indelible impression on fashion in hollywood.

Known for his “low-key” style, somehow J-Depp manages to steal the show.  He’s not afraid to show his personality through his clothes.  That’s what sets him apart from other fashion “wannabes”.


suit pitt


From the moment Thelma & Louise picked this guy up on the side of the road, he has made sure that he wasn’t just dropped off in the desert never to be heard from again.

Brad Pitts’ style cannot be confused with anyone elses’.  Whether wearing a sear-sucker suit or tuxedo, the guy still accomplishes the look of a traveler.

suit jay-z

Allow me to reintroduce myself.  My name is HOV!!!!

Jay-Z.  Rap Mogul, Ad Man, Fashion Icon.

Yeah.  Believe it.  Jigga is going on 40.

The transformation of this man has baffled many.  With his introduction to world with his title album “Reasonable Doubt”, he has set fire to the industry.  Challenging other entertainers of his like to “step their game up”.  Shedding himself of the football jerseys and bandanas, he donned the suit with sharp lines and casual clothing that allows him to remain himself.

And remember guys.  His wife hasn’t reached 30 yet.

Suit denzel

Denzel Washington….. Need I say more?  Some people had to find their fashion sense.  I truly believe there are some people born to be cool.  None more than this brother. 

Always dressed to multi-task, he knows himself and his appearance is impeccable.  Whether donning a pair of denim or hitting the red carpet affair in a tux, the man is as slick as ice. 

With Denzel, there was no transformation period from fashion don’t to fashion do.  His was more a transcendence from good to great.  We could all take a page from his wardrobe.




As a large man myself, I tend to spend a little extra time tapping into my “fashion sense”.  Because of the time spent doing so has opened my eyes to alot of fashion mistakes BIG men make.

3.  Baggy Jeans- In some cases, baggy jeans can be appropriate.  However, in most cases, baggy jeans are just that…. baggy jeans.  Needless to say, that if you are older than 25, chances are that you should’ve long left that look alone.  The problem it poses for the large man is that it will give the appearance that he is more bulky than he actually is.  Wearing fitted jeans (not tight jeans…. yuck!) should be the goal of any man who calls himself “grown”.  As a large man, take the time to find jeans that have a longer inseam and “not so bulky” seat in the pant.  This will give you the appearance of a more slender look and they look great with that nice shirt and leather shoes.

2.  Dress Slacks- We all have to wear them sometime.  however, NEVER wear dress slacks that belong to a suit without the jacket.  BIG mens’ suits are made very large.  This is done so the suit can be altered to fit the buyers build.  I’m a 56 Long with a 46″ waist.  That means the pants that go along with the suit will be at least a 52″ waist.  The problem this poses is that the seat of the pant will be baggy even after the pant is altered to accomodate the waist.  Leaving you with a baggy look around the crotch.   There is NOTHING that can be done to fix this.  The only remedy is to wear the jacket that came with the pants.  Because the jacket will fall over the crotch, thus hiding the hideousness of it all.

1-  Skinny Jeans- Need I say more?  This is truly the worst thing any man can do, let alone a large man.  Because most large men have a wider girth, more thigh mass, wider chests & broader shoulders, wearing “skinny jeans” will NOT give you the desired effect of looking slender.  It will, in fact give you more of a cone shape.  Ohhh, don’t even think about what kind of shoes you’ll wear with that.  Skinny Jeans….. BIG FAT mistake.

Calvin Klein 2009 Fall Collection

February 15, 2009

Bringing the Calvin Klein men’s collection back to its home turf after years of showing in Milan might have made Italo Zucchelli think more than usual about its American roots (for his music, he picked “Jet Song” from West Side Story, the ultimate Manhattan soundtrack), but it certainly didn’t steer him from the path he has set for the label. The subtle futurism of the movie Gattaca always comes to mind. In the same vein, Zucchelli will transmogrify something familiar—a tailored suit, say—into something alien by using a sci-fi fabric. Here, for instance, a liquid material flowed around the body like mercury. And the uniformity of outfits in shades of gray (anthracite, slate, dove, and a metallic zinc) with everything (suit, shirt, tie) matching also suggested the movie’s hyper-sophisticated homogeneity. But with this collection, the designer perfected his high-tech, high-touch signature. A broad-shouldered Harris Tweed herringbone overcoat, a shearling hoodie, a winter-white leather bomber stood alone as classic menswear pieces. Jackets and pants in a molded wool/nylon were their polar opposites, looking like a gladiatorial something out of Tron (staying with the sci-fi movie cross-references), which pleased Tronfanboy Kanye West to no end.

For Zucchelli, such an overt attempt to transform the body is an update of Calvin Klein’s sportswear roots. It’s like a Bruce Weber model’s torso abstracted in fabric. Possibly too abstracted for some in the audience, but another way to look at it was as Zucchelli’s take on the notions of protection and armor that are floating around New York. The metal closings on coats added a hard edge. So did the footwear, solid as construction boots. If life is about to get tougher in the city, this is the smart way to dress dystopia.

— Tim Blanks/ GQ Magazine

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