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Andre Dirrell ROBBED by Super 6 Judges

Since when did hitting your opponent more than he hits you earns you a loss? Since when did staggering your opponent at least 3 times in a fight earn you a loss? Since when does one opponent who is clearly committing at least 4 ring violations per round NOT be deducted a point? But the one protecting himself from the brawler earned a loss, simply because that opponent has less skill than he? Since when does a fighter get thrown to the ring floor and the thrower not be deducted a point. For that matter, not even warned?  Since when did sticking and moving become a violation?

Since when did doing everything RIGHT to win the fight have your 3 points behind on 2 score cards to Carl Froch? It happened with Dirrell and Froch. The judges didn’t get it wrong. They wanted it that way.

All Froch had to do was keep standing until the bell. It was rigged and Dirrell didn’t know it until the final call.

by R Hassel – TMR


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