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Michael Jordan. The Greatest

In entertainment, Men, sports on August 29, 2009 at 6:58 am

jordan-1-1.jpg MiChAEl jORdAN image by GRACiE_23

As Michael Jordan prepares to enter into the Basketball Hall of Fame, The Man Report would like to ask its readers, “What was your most memorable MJ moment?”

  1. My favorite Michael Jordan moment was the shot he hit against the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals to close out the series and win his 6th title. He pushed Russell out of the way, swished the jumper, and then left his hand dangling in the air.

  2. My best memory of Jordan wasn’t when he was at his peak. It was when he stepped back into a uniform as a Washington Wizard. The Wizards were actually playing the Bulls. The game was nearing its end and the score was close and as Jordan was walking the ball back up court, Ron Mercer stole the ball from Jordan and ran back the other. Way. Just as he layed the ball up against the glass, Jordan pinned the ball against the backboard with BOTH hands and took it down. As he took the ball back the other way, he just stared Mercer down and scored. Fuckin’ Amazing! The Wizards were able to get the win.

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